Knowledgebase platform

Simple and easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information.

Clean and readable syntax and ease of maintenance

Easy, Simple interface

Very user friendly. The page editor has a simple WYSIWYG interface and all content is broken into groups.

Searchable and Connected

The content is fully searchable. You are able to search across all groups & pages.The ability to link directly to any paragraph allows you to keep your documentation connected.

Powerful Features

There is also cross-book sorting, page revisions and image management as well as the strong search and linking. A complete system of roles and permissions lets you lock content and actions as necessary.

Integrated Authentication

As well as the default network services including GitHub, Facebook, Slack, AzureAD and more can be used for email / password access. For enterprise environments Okta and LDAP options are available.

Multi-lingual & Configurable

Configuration options allow you to set it up in order to suit your use case. You can change whether the whole system is publicly viewable or not and users can set their preferred language.


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