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CRM Development

Invest in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to streamline their customer-centric processes and boost profitability in sales and marketing.

A well-designed CRM solution is a platform where employees get everything they need to build, improve and retain customer relationships.

  • Manage customer contact information
  • Customer self-service
  • Flexible workflow
  • Provide data for coaching by sales managers
  • Improve handling of leads and prospects
  • Automate reports
  • Provide data for management decisions
  • Provide access to to customer data for sales people
  • Template quotations
  • Flexible modeling of business processes

The ideal CRM for any business

Having CRM into your business gives you to a lot of advantages such as enabling sales to sell more, customer services to work more efficiently.

Maximise your revenue with a fully featured CRM.

Full control & Powerful admin tools

Υou will have complete control over your own CRM. You decide where to install it, on-premise or in a cloud, and you have complete control over all data and code.

Easily configurable in order to suit the company’s needs.

Know your customer

Develop in the CRM the KYC processes and get a simple overview of your customers and their financial transactions.

It allows you to make better decisions in a shorter time span and reduce risk.

Full control over your accounts and contacts

By creating a central repository of your customers, you will be able to view all the important activities, as well as the history of the updates.

You get an overview of all accounts, contacts, open/closed opportunities and more, so that you can drive value and detect new sales.

Manage your leads

Fast loading, customizable views of lead lists help you easily detect and categorize the best leads.
Reduce the response time and spend more interacting with your customers.

Detailed lead views enable you to view all relevant lead information on a single page, allowing you to easily track the lead, update their information, and successfully convert it into a sale.