Human Resource Management system

Human Resource Management system allows businesses to centralize sensitive employee information and assign approved staff access permissions to ensure employee information is both secure and accessible.

Automate your leave management

HRM system enables you to stop all misuse of time off and implement company-wide leave policy. Also it supports leave accrual and carry forwarding to next leave period.

Track Every Bit of Time Spent

Employees print their own time sheets, and send them to superiors for approval. The system will keep track of employee punch-in and punch-out times. 

Easy Payroll Processing

HRM system can also cover the payroll for your company. Create payroll reports required for payroll processing applications by third parties or create payroll rules to calculate your company’s payroll.

Expenses Management

HRM system supports up to 4 cost module approvals. Approved expenses may also be brought into the payroll and may be used to make claims for expenses to employee salaries.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

It can help you to find the ideal candidate for your job. It not only provides an internal job portal for the company but also it lets you manage your interview process smoothly.

Custom Forms

HRM system allows you to gather information on different employees from time to time. You can create custom forms and send these forms to selected employees so they can fill it out and send it to approval.

Staff Training

Through providing training it is important to keep the workers up-to-date. HRM system makes the administration of training courses and sessions within the business simple for you. You should describe workout sessions that your employees can subscribe to. You can also track the progress and finishing of the training.


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